Are you a manufacturer facing inventory challenges?
We can help! Every business has unique situations with inventory management. We can assist your company in a wide variety of ways:

Need warehouse space?
We have warehouse space across the country so that can we can serve you with the highest level of efficiency. We will work with you quickly to pick up your inventory and move it into one of our warehouses.

Want to turn your inventory into cash?
We make decisions quickly and pay in any terms you are comfortable with. If you need cash right away, no problem!

Have a difficult inventory situation?
We understand buy-backs, lifts, products with tickets, discontinued packaging, etc. We understand how to work with the good and the bad.

Concerned about market protection?
We work with both small and large companies so that their closeouts do not conflict with any on-going current avenues of distribution. We know how to quietly move goods away from the traditional market place into other venues. We understand that you have spent a great deal of time and money protecting your brands and products. We will work with you to make sure goods only go to outlets you are comfortable with.

Let us be the “aspirin” for your headaches!